General Q/A Must Read

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General Q/A Must Read

Post by klingon » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:26 pm


1. What is the maximum WHP/WTQ that is believed to be safe for stock internals.
a. 2013 Year model is only reliable to 245-250whp/250wtq due to weak rods.
b. 2014+ are reliable up until 290-300whp/300wtq, the head studs will stretch at this point, upgrading to ARP head studs will allow you to take the engine to 330whp/300wtq safely, beyond this it is advised to upgrade rods and pistons.
c. A G4FJ with forged rods, forged pistons and head studs will be good to around 390whp/390wtq we say this because the stock sleeves have not been tested past this power for any amount of time.
d. A G4FJ with Sleeves, Forged Rods, Forged Pistons, and Head studs should hold over 550whp reliably.
2. What is a safe boost to run on a stock turbo.
a. The k03 found on the 2013-2017 Veloster Turbo, 2014-2016 Forte Turbo runs out of efficiency above 24 psi.
3. What plugs should I run.
a. Stock with no tune and bolt-ons, or completely stock HKS m40xl.
b. Tuned with or without bolt-ons, HKS m45xl
4. What modifications gain the most power for cheap?
5. What are good LSPI prevention measures.
a. Do not lug the engine, (low RPM high load aka full throttle at 70mph in 6th gear)
b. Invest in dual catch cans.
c. Run only 93 octane.
d. Do not go longer than 3000 miles between oil changes.
6. Can I turbo my NA Veloster?
a. You can, the NAV engine is only reliable to 200whp 230wtq, that being said the VT turbo is a direct Bolton, you would need supporting mods such as a downpipe, intercooler and intake, a blow off valve, boost controller and tune.
7. What’s the best oil/filter for the 1.6?
a. I personally recommend the OEM oil filter especially if you would like to retain the factory warranty, dealerships have a TSB to deny warranty on aftermarket oil filters, the OEM oil filter is built very well compared to most aftermarket options.
8. What are good starting modifications to have?
9. Cold Air Intake or Short Ram Intake? 3.5” or 3”?
10. Does premium fuel help with a stock tune.
11. For the noobs: Who is Tork and why should I stay away.
12. Should I choose coil overs or lowering springs?
13. Do rigid collars make a difference?
14. What are good modifications for NAV Owners?
15. What is a NAV and what is a VT?
16. Lower Mount options?
17. Will a rear sway bar help or not?
18. Which strut braces actually do anything?

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